Contract Management & Risk Mitigation Conference 2014

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The management of a project is heavily dependent on the mastery of comprehensive agreements between the contracting parties and the interpretation of that contract. No matter how complex the project, only utilisation of all affordable tools for risk mitigation will ensure mutual profit and contentment. Given the increasing costs and challenges of operating within an ever changing regulatory environment, strategies to reduce contractual risk continue to increase in priority.

Akolade’s Contract Management & Risk Mitigation conference is the only forum that brings together professionals from all sides of the contract interface to address challenges in the industry on risk allocation, liability for delays and barriers in reducing costs.

Key Benefits:

  • Identifying contractual risks to avoid harmful delays
  • Managing rising costs through effective contract management strategies
  • Using alliancing mechanisms in contracts to ensure effective risk management and maximum contractor buy-in
  • Implementing a win-win strategy for limiting contractual breach
  • Developing strategies to ensure definitive risk identification to deliver projects on-budget with a long-term view of reducing costs