Employee Engagement Forum 2014

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"Aligning employee value propositions (EVPs) with corporate strategies for increased engagement"

Employee Engagement Forum 2014 captures case studies around factors influencing the 21st century Australian employee including: the influence of the digital era, post GFC employment sentiments, motivations and career appetites of the emerging generation entering the workforce, globalized and mobile workforce and how to accept and adapt to these challenges to redefine “engagement” in modern day corporate Australia.


Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Discuss strategies to engage with a mobile, flexible and disparate workforce

  • Learn to create and maintain engaged staff during times of change, restructures and mergers & acquisitions

  • Discover innovative approaches to engagement in the modern era using online and social media platforms

  • Align core corporate strategies to unlock and discover the benefits of genuine employee engagement

  • Develop key processes for a whole-of-organisation approach to employee engagement

  • Learn how to grow and sustain engagement levels year upon year

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