Digital & Social Media Communication Strategies in Government

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Akolade is proud to announce the commencement of the 2014 SM4GOV production in this portfolio.


The focus for this next segment of roadshows is around Digital & Social Media Communication Strategies in Government - this allows us to broaden the topic to other forms of digital media and thus provide richer and more diverse content to the audience, with a keen focus on the practical strategies to create blended technologies. An increased focus on employee and policy governance, monitoring and analysis is being seen as a clear challenge as well within this sector due to its fast and widespread adoption. 


This conference aims to address these issues through practical and innovative thought leadership for increased public sector customer service delivery, engagement, impact and broader reach.



Key Benefits of attending:

• Keep abreast of the current and innovative digital and social media strategies being implemented across departments

• Explore the range of tools, techniques and analytics associated with management, use and governance of social media

• Understand key legislative compliance matters regarding employee conduct, organisational brand use and privacy law implications

• Discover the broad range of tools that the public sector is using to achieve customer service, engagement, and broader reach

• Discuss the steps to implementing a digital and social media policy

• Compare the risks and rewards of a centralized vs decentralized approach to social media and digital use



What our past delegates had to say!


'Great presenters plus topics - well thought out agenda and content. Thank you all for your hard work to put this together'
Director, Internal Strategic Communications, Service Delivery, ATO

'Your presentations have all been enagaing, relevant and intersting. It's amazing how practical every session has been'
Assistant Director, Communications and Engagement, ACCC


Who should attend:

Director of Social Media

Chief Digital Officer

Director of Marketing

Director of Strategic/corporate Communications

Director of Online/eBusiness Strategist

Director of Community Engagement

Director of Media Relations

Director of Policy development

Director of Human Resources

Director of Web & IT



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