Procurement Contract Risk Mitigation Seminar 2014

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Procurement contract law risk mitigation is a series in Akolade’s legal portfolio specifically covering end-to-end contractual risks that may present during a tendering, procurement, and service lifecycle in all areas of service, and materials procurement functions.

Increasingly, companies are outsourcing bulk and core services to 3rd party contractors and providers, providing flexibility to customers beyond standard measure to remain competitive, and offshoring and dealing with international providers. These activities open windows for increased risk, liability and reputational damage for procured services and materials attached to your brand if improperly handled. Similarly, cases regarding these issues have been on the increase in the legal system. Gaining the insight on how to protect, seal and mitigate these risks have been a current identified priority this seminar addresses.

This 1 day state-specific seminar series covers topics for both the novice and senior professional alike as senior level lawyers from leading law firms reference recent practical case law examples, provide insight and access to briefs on the ever-changing dynamics of procurement, and highlights key areas worth revisiting in all your existing contracts.

Key Benefits of Attending:
  • Gain knowledge on how to approach procurement contracts from a pro-active, and risk mitigating perspective to avoid costly litigation down the road
  • Ensure contractual flexibility, transparency and stakeholder buy-in across all procurement contracts
  • Attain up-to-date, state specific legislative advice on all aspects of procurement contractual risks in regard to contract drafting, management, negotiation, and termination
  • Hear from top tier partners on the most recent applicable case law, and its implications for your role