Strategic KPIs and Scorecards
19 May 2014 - 30 May 2014
Brisbane , Sydney , Melbourne , Perth

Akolade’s Strategic KPIs and Scorecards 2 Day Masterclass provides participants with an understanding of how to construct and use Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators to improve organisational performance while simultaneously seeking to improve stakeholder, customer and employee satisfaction.

This practical course, uses a detailed case study and takeaway templates to illustrate the steps you will follow in constructing and implementing modern scorecards and KPIs.

This course aims to:
• Educate participants about modern management systems that use scorecards and KPIs to drive performance.
• Provide a ‘how to’ framework for the development of effective organisational scorecards and KPIs.
• Show how strategy maps are developed and used to create KPIs
• Review modern scorecard software options.
• Assess the impact improved data availability and effective reporting can have on individual and business performance.
• Explore and consider the issues involved in developing a performance driven culture.
• Discuss successful implementation approaches.
• Identify opportunities for participants to apply the knowledge they have gained in the course within their organisations

Who should attend:
• Chief Executive Officers
• General Managers
• Senior Level Executives
• Divisional Managers
• HR Managers
• Corporate Planners
• All Staff who have Scorecard and KPI responsibilities